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Public Accounting Services

We perform financial statements compilation, review and audit services for private companies in accordance with applicable professional standards.  Our services are cost effective and tailored to meet the fast growing environments at start-ups and small businesses. These services consist of the following:

Financial Statement Compilations:
We can assist you in compilation of your financial statements including related footnotes using your accounting records in a format to be consistent with generally acceptable accounting (GAAP) standards. Our compilation opinion on financial statements will be issued in accordance with generally acceptable auditing (GAAP) standards.

Financial Statement Reviews:
By applying analytical procedures and inquiries, we provide a review opinion on your financial statements in compliance with generally acceptable auditing (GAAP) standards. This is a limited level of assurance for use by your company to apply for loans, financing or reporting to your shareholders.

Financial Statement Audits:
Because of our industry and public accounting experiences, our approach to your audit will be based on obtaining a good understanding of your business and internal control environment. We particularly focus on internal controls in your financial reporting organization and structure. Based on the level of strength of your internal controls, we will decide on the scope and the level of our audit procedures that we need to apply to issue an audit opinion on your financial statements.

Our audit services consist of the following:
Audit of private Companies’ financial statements
Audit of 401(k) Retirement and Disability Plans