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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) & Cyber Security Environment-Control over Data
Data Leackage has become a major cyber security concern globally over the last few years; if not being the #1 concern now, it has fast become one of the TOP concerns on the mind of amny companies, top executives. The key challenge for these companies is how to protect their DATA from being compromised, either by haching, Phishing, (un)intentinal or accidental leackage.

Here are some sobering statistics related to this formidable challenge that corporations are facing now, according to InfoWatch Global Data Leakage Report, 1H 2016 [www.infowatch.com]:

  • Data Leakage [“DL”] increased 223% in 2016 over levels observed in 2008
  • The source of 66% of such DL has been “internal" [employees] vs. 29% being “external” [intruders/hackers], and the rest [5%] being other minor factors such as former employees, contractors or system-admin
  • Where the source was identified as internal/employee, 51% of DL was “intentional” vs. 49% being “unintentional/accidental
  • And among all types of data being compromised and leaked, 87% were “Personal” data either related to the companies’ employees or customers

To address and mitigate this serious threat, ICC has launched a new service offering to ensure that corporate confidential data is protected from cyber-attack or leakage. The key highlights of this service are as follows:

  • Performing a risk assessment to identify the enterprise’s vulnerabilities over data leakage
  • Performing an assessment of the implemented Data Leakage Protection (“DLP”) control-environment to ensure design of controls over key areas is effective; key areas such as: data-governance controls [internal policies & procedures], data life-cycle controls over data-in-motion AND design or process deficiencies that may weaken or strengthen DLP-controls
  • Ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of the implemented DLP processes through periodical monitoring, testing and maintenance work, based on agreed frequencies with management and IT team

Based on its extensive experience helping companies among many industry sectors, ICC has developed this mission-critical service in such a way to provide clear visibility to the management and the board of directors of enterprises over:

  • Design effectiveness of the implemented DLP-controls, and
  • Operating effectiveness of DLP controls throughout of the year including ongoing maintenance